Clean & Dry Gun

The inno­v­a­tive clean­ing lance.

cycleWASH Clean & Dry Gun

Cavi­ta­tion for effec­tive pre-cleaning

The cycleWASH Clean & Dry Gun uses cavi­ta­tion technology to specif­i­cally and gently pre-clean heav­ily soiled areas on the bike.

This involves tiny droplets burst­ing on the surface of the bicy­cle in an air-water mixture. The result­ing mechan­i­cal clean­ing energy easily removes coarse dirt while still being gentle on surfaces, bear­ings and moving parts.

Compressed air function

The trig­ger is half pulled.

Clean­ing function

The trig­ger is pulled all the way.

You can purchase the cycleWASH Clean & Dry Gun as an optional acces­sory. With it you can pre-clean, rinse and air dry your bike. Thanks to the use of air pres­sure, the cycleWASH Clean & Dry Gun has very low water consump­tion – less than 1 l /​ min. – and is never­the­less extremely gentle on sensi­tive parts such as bear­ings, seals, hubs, chains, letter­ing, etc. .

Clean­ing process

When the trig­ger is fully pulled, the bike can be pre-cleaned or rinsed with the Clean & Dry Gun. If the trig­ger is only pulled halfway, compressed air flows out of the Clean & Dry Gun and the bike can be gently dried.

cycleWASH Clean & Dry Gun
cycleWASH mini BASIC with bike

cycleWASH mini STATION

The clean­ing station.

With the cycleWASH mini STATION you get a complete clean­ing station for manual bicy­cle wash­ing. It can also be combined with a cycleWASH mini DUO and is then used for pre-clean­ing and air drying.

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cycleWASH Compres­sors

Always the right amount of air.

High perfor­mance blade-compressor

You need a power­ful air compres­sor to oper­ate the cycleWASH Clean & Dry Gun.

We partic­u­larly recom­mend the cycleWASH high-perfor­mance blade compres­sor shown here for heavy use in the cycleWASH mini STATION (not only for pre-clean­ing, but also for the manual main wash). You can find this compres­sor here in our shop.

If you are inter­ested in a cycleWASH Clean & Dry Gun or cycleWASH mini STATION, please ask about a combo-offer.

Mobile compressor

We offer a mobile air compres­sor for oper­at­ing the cycleWASH Clean & Dry Gun.

You can find this compres­sor here in our shop.

If you are inter­ested in a cycleWASH Clean & Dry Gun, please ask for a combined offer.

cycleWASH air compressor


Cheaper together!

Clean & Dry Gun

cycleWASH Clean & Dry Gun

Mobile compres­sor

cycleWASH air compressor