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Well­ness for your bike

For your bike only the best!
All our care prod­ucts are based on natural substances and are biodegradable.

Complete Care Prod­ucts set for only € 29.90

cycleWASH Saubermann


the organic sham­poo for the complete clean­ing of your bike. our inno­v­a­tive clean­ing foam offers a high release force; ideal for heav­ily soiled frames, tires and rims. Dirt, sludge and chain oil splashes can be removed in an envi­ron­men­tally friendly manner. Sauber­mann can be applied to lacquered and unpainted aluminium, carbon, plas­tic, stainless steel and powder-coated surfaces.


our organic multi-talent: Due to the oily and acid-free compo­si­tion, Pflegekraft cleans and lubri­cates atthe same time. In addi­tion to the appli­ca­tion to bicy­cle chains and sprock­ets, greasy dirt can also be removed on frames, pedals or suspen­sion forks. Pflegekraft can be applied to lacquered and unpainted aluminium, carbon, stainless steel, chrome, plas­tic and powder-coated surfaces.

cycleWASH Pflegekraft
cycleWASH FettFrei


our effec­tive organic degreaser; Deep clean­ing and degreas­ing of your bike chain guar­an­teed! The good stuff is biodegrad­able, solvent-free, phos­phate-free and there­fore also label-free. With a special aluminium protec­tion formula, FettFrei also cleans sensi­tive mate­ri­als such as aluminium, brass and non-ferrous metal.


cycleWASH Schutzschild
cycleWASH KettenFett


lubri­cates your chain and other moving parts