cycleWASH Pro Black

Pro – The new generation

Fully automatic bicy­cle cleaning.

The fully automatic bicy­cle wash­ing system cycleWASH Pro relieves your staff and gener­ates the high­est degree of clean­ing that can be achieved by a brush rota­tion. Thanks to the low-pres­sure system and extremely gentle EASYClick wash­ing brushes, the system is partic­u­larly suit­able for wash­ing high-qual­ity bicy­cles and e‑bikes. A special feature of the cycleWASH Pro is the inte­grated ultra­sonic clean­ing bath with automatic wheel-turn­ing unit for a partic­u­larly thor­ough clean­ing of tires and rims.

Clean­ing process

The bike is pushed into the machine. The spray nozzles and wash­ing brushes are driven on a sled fully auto­mat­i­cally past the bike. Depend­ing on the degree of soil­ing, simple or inten­sive wash­ing programs can be selected.

Supports both the HYBRID mode with automatic deter­gent dosing and the ECO mode with a closed water circuit

Larger inte­rior space
XL e‑bikes up to 2.1 m long fit completely into the system and can be washed with­out any problems.

User-friendly & ergonomic design
wash­ing process in pass­ing in the same direction

1.2 kW SMART ultra­sonic clean­ing
of tires and high-qual­ity carbon rims

Patented inte­grated drying (optional)
8x radial fan

3‑way mounted pendu­lum wash­ing brushes

Elec­tronic torque limiter
IP65 drives with elec­tronic torque limiter for brush rota­tion and brush movements

“Bike Load” (patent pend­ing)
Bicy­cle load­ing aid in the machine

Opti­mized anti-slip wheel turn­ing unit with V‑belt ribbed belt

Opti­mized window frame
enables easy removal and instal­la­tion of windows, making main­te­nance work much easier

Better access to the tech­ni­cal compo­nents
through opti­mized lower side flaps with larger cutouts

Numer­ous soft­ware and elec­tron­ics upgrades

The ECO mode does not require a perma­nent water connec­tion and can be filled with a few buck­ets of water on-site and refilled if neces­sary. The water is constantly circu­lated through the closed water circuit and cleaned with water cyclone & filter system. This version is partic­u­larly the right choice for frequent relo­ca­tions and events, since it is inde­pen­dent of the local water instal­la­tion.

The HYBRID mode has a fixed fresh water connec­tion and is partic­u­larly suit­able for high loads with numer­ous succes­sive washes . The automatic deter­gent dosing ensures a constant clean­ing result. The water consump­tion is much lower than a high pres­sure cleaner, approx. 4l /​ min.

Envi­ron­men­tally friendly and thor­ough bike clean­ing in 2–5 minutes

Mobile fully automatic bicy­cle wash­ing system

The bike is auto­mat­i­cally cleaned from both sides by two movable and counter-rotat­ing brushes

Soft EASYClick wash­ing brushes for gentle cleaning

Plas­tic waste water collec­tion ramps made of HDPE

Black PE brushes for splash protec­tion on top and on the sides

High-qual­ity mate­ri­als:
High qual­ity plas­tic hous­ing and stainless steel frame

DEKRA tested and CE compliant

Our most envi­ron­men­tally friendly hous­ing design. In this vari­ant, the plas­tic elements are made from 100% recy­cled material.

Black & White
Our bi-color vari­ant with hori­zon­tal lines. The lower black plas­tic elements are made from 100% recy­cled material.

Plas­tic corners made of recy­cled mate­r­ial, system core and side elements made of stainless steel (required for high-perfor­mance blade compressor)

Corners made of bi-color plas­tic, system core and side elements made of stainless steel (required for high-perfor­mance blade compressor)

The high­est-qual­ity version made entirely of stainless steel with a control unit inte­grated into the handle, high-perfor­mance paddle compres­sor, inte­grated dryer unit, Uno Eco Gun and cash­less payment with touch display

Discover details

cycleWASH Pro Schnitt

Height adjust­ment

for wheel turn­ing unit

Handle­bar bracket

for stable fixa­tion of the bicy­cle during washing

Integr. Drying AIR

8 radial fans

Dryer unit AIR – radial fans

3‑way mounted pendu­lum wash­ing brushes

Ultra­sonic cleaning

for tires & rims

Remov­able ramps

made of HDPE
(High-density poly­eth­yl­ene)

Control unit inte­grated into the handle

cycleWASH handle switch detail


Integrated high-performance blade compressor

Inte­grated high-perfor­mance blade compres­sor (2.2 kW)
for pre-clean­ing

Dryer unit AIR – radial fans

Inte­grated dryer unit AIR
optional, consist­ing of 8 radial fans
(approx. 104 cm³ /​ min. air flow rate, power consump­tion 1.5 kW) 


Fresh water connec­tion in HYBRID mode
Water consump­tion 4 – 8 liters per wash

Closed water circuit in ECO mode
Water consump­tion 0.5 liters per wash


230 V, 1 Phase 16A

Peak power only 2.4 kW

Switch cabi­net
Dust and splash protec­tion IP54 accord­ing to VDE and CE standards


UNO Pro Fluid Gun with touch control and timer function


Width x Depth x Height

2365 x 1255 x 1235 mm
(with­out ramps & handle­bar bracket)

4200 x 1255 x 1475 mm
(with ramps & handle­bar bracket)


550 – 630 kg
(depend­ing on the equipment)


Complete stainless steel body with stainless steel corners

Control unit inte­grated into the handle

Cash­less payment with touch display for self-service

The cycleWASH prod­uct family

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* Please note that the option “inte­grated high-perfor­mance compres­sor” can only be ordered for the editions “Silver-Black”, “Silver-White” & “Plat­inum”.

cycleWASH bicy­cle wash­ing machines

… more than

bike washes

Wash brushes designed for over


Bear­ings and drives designed for over

oper­at­ing hours

Safety assess­ment by DEKRA

Made in Germany

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Please note that we only offer the cycleWASH mini and Pro models with a paid main­te­nance contract.