Optional Accessories

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Additional wheel cleaning is done by means of ultrasonic technology. Here the front and rear wheels are perfectly cleaned in combination with the wheel turning units.

The Wheel rotate with the help of wheel turning unit immersed inside the water with our biological cleaning agent together with vibrations from Ultrasonic transducers, while the wheels are slowly turning using the wheel turning unit.

Water Softner and Reverse Osmosis plant

This includes additional spray nozzles for rinsing with distilled water at the end of the washing process. Dirt deposits on the rear mudguard and on the front swing arm are cleaned. Calcium spots are avoided after drying.

Dryer unit

The dryer unit allows a quick drying of the bike after the cleaning process. Thanks to the 142 cm long hose, you can easily reach all areas of the bike.

Furthermore we offer:

  • Cash free payment via Touch Display for self-service:
    The system is put into operation by a freely programmable amount. Nevertheless, we recommend the cycleWASH machine to supervised by an operator to avoid vandalism or theft.
  • Solar power: With 330 W PV panel, 320 Ah gel batteries
  • Waste Water treatment: The impeller pump constantly circulates the sludge and the wastewater. The waste water is filtered through a separation hydro-cyclone and finally the filtered water is directed back into the main water tank. The separating cyclone makes it possible to separate the sludge very easily and to dispose it off in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Compact Offline Legic Card Reader to activate the machine only for authorized personal with the validated access card
  • Automatic (PLC) dosing of bio-cycleWASH cleaning agent
    using a peristaltic pump
  • Hot water boiler with two power levels (1KW or 2 KW) increasing the water temperature up to 55 degrees
  • Bio-cycleWASH bicycle washer cleaner in 20 liter cans
  • Consulting services for design templates & marketing concept: You can use the surface of our bicycle cleaning machine as an advertising space. For this purpose, we should arrange a separate consultation appointment in order to meet your individual requirements in order to achieve your desired marketing goal together.