Bicycle wash. Café. Meeting Point.

The world is changing

The future of indi­vi­dual mobi­lity belongs to envi­ron­men­tally friendly means of trans­port. The bicycle plays a central role here, espe­cially in our cities. The cities are gradually being opti­mi­zed for bicycle mobi­lity. The motto is fewer cars, more bikes. Both the envi­ron­ment and the citi­zens bene­fit from clean air, less noise and an overall increase in the quality of life in urban areas.

The increa­sing number of bicycles and e‑bikes natu­rally want to be servi­ced and looked after. An expan­sion of the bicycle infra­struc­ture, espe­cially at frequen­ted loca­tions, seems to be the logi­cal conse­quence. This is exactly where cycleWASH comes into play.

Our sugges­tion : The cycleWASH POINT !

With our cycleWASH POINTs we would like to esta­blish a meeting point for all bicycle friends in urban areas : while your bicycle is being clea­ned, you can enjoy a coffee specialty.

Custo­mers also have the option of rechar­ging their e‑bikes at the cycleWASH POINT with rege­ne­ra­tive elec­tri­city, because our POINTs can be equip­ped with their own solar system on the roof.

We have also thought of the water supply to be sustai­nable : the cycleWASH POINT 40+ has a 1 cubic meter rain­wa­ter tank and can thus obtain a large part of the water requi­red for clea­ning bicycles directly from nature.

In our cycleWASH POINTs you also receive our envi­ron­men­tally friendly care products at favo­rable conditions.

cycleWASH POINT 40

40 feet container



  • Clea­ning area & retail area
  • 3 doors : entrance, room divi­der, exit
  • Space for seve­ral vending machines in the retail area, wash basin, tech­ni­cal room


Addi­tio­nal options

  • Premium inter­ior : LED ligh­ting, false ceiling, large windows, automatic doors, heating and cooling system
  • Energy supply via solar system, rain­wa­ter collec­tion, toilet, e‑bike char­ging stations

The layout shows the floor plan of a cycleWASH POINT 40+ with a large clea­ning area and a cycleWASH duo on the right.

On the left is the retail area with vending machines and seating, and to the right of it is the rain­wa­ter tank and a toilet.

…also avai­lable…

cycleWASH POINT 20

20 feet container

• Consists of the clea­ning area only
• 2 doors : entrance and exit
• Wash basin with vanity unit & instant water heater
• Heating and cooling system (optio­nal)

The layout shows the floor plan of a cycleWASH POINT 20 with a cycleWASH duo.

All cycleWASH POINT variants are vandal-proof, winter-proof and suitable for 24-hour operation. 

The cycleWASH POINTs are supplied with insu­la­tion in accor­dance with German regu­la­tions, power and water connec­tions, stan­dard ligh­ting and a water­proof floor.