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The most compact bike washing system !

The semi-automatic bike wash cycleWASH Go is the most compact model. The main clea­ning is carried out by means of two rota­ting washing brushes made of foam/​PE Mylex fibers with pres­sure and pedal sensors, which are constantly wetted by adjus­table nozzles during the washing process. Thanks to the low-pres­sure system and extre­mely gentle EASY­Click washing brushes, the system is parti­cu­larly suitable for washing high-quality bicycles and e‑bikes. An inte­gra­ted ultra­so­nic clea­ning bath with an automatic wheel rota­tion unit for a parti­cu­larly thorough clea­ning of tires and rims is optio­nally avai­lable for the cycleWASH Go. The system even cleans slightly and normally soiled bicycles without any addi­tio­nal clea­ning agents ! The system can be opera­ted in ECO mode with pure water.

Clea­ning process

The bike is pushed through the machine manually. As a result, the dura­tion and inten­sity of the wash can be adap­ted to the degree of soiling and a high degree of clea­ning can be achieved.

Ultra compact design

Supports both the PREMIUM-wash with automatic deter­gent dosing and the ECO-wash with a closed water circuit

1.2 kW SMART ultra­so­nic clea­ning
of tires and high-quality carbon rims

moun­ted pendu­lum washing brushes

Elec­tro­nic torque limi­ta­tion
2x IP65 drives with elec­tro­nic torque limi­ta­tion for brush rota­tion and brush movements

Opti­mi­zed anti-slip wheel turning unit with V‑belt ribbed belt

In ECO mode, the cycleWASH Go does not require a perma­nent water connec­tion and can be filled with a few buckets of water on-site and refilled if neces­sary. Due to the closed water circuit with filter system, the water is constantly circu­la­ted and trea­ted. This mode of operation is the right choice, espe­cially for frequent changes of loca­tion and events, since it is inde­pendent of the local water instal­la­tion.

Thanks to excellent mecha­ni­cal clea­ning proper­ties, lightly and normally soiled bicycles can even be washed without the addi­tion of clea­ning agents – for the sake of the environment !

In PREMIUM mode, the system has a perma­nent fresh­wa­ter connec­tion and is parti­cu­larly suitable for high utili­za­tion with nume­rous conse­cu­tive washes and heavily soiled bicycles . The automatic deter­gent dosing ensures a constant clea­ning result. The water consump­tion is compa­rable to that of a high-pres­sure cleaner.

Ultra-compact & mobile semi-automatic bike wash with pro features for the work­shop or events

The bike is clea­ned from both sides in just one pass by two movable and coun­ter-rota­ting brushes

Soft EASY­Click washing brushes for gentle cleaning

Minimal water consump­tion thanks to a closed water circuit with an impel­ler pump

Wheel turning unit for easy wheel and tire cleaning

Bicycle guide rail with rollers along the washing brushes and the ramp

Adjus­table nozzles for opti­mal efficiency

Plas­tic waste water collec­tion ramps made of HDPE

Black PE brushes for splash protec­tion on top and on the sides

High-quality mate­rials :
High quality plas­tic housing and stainless steel frame

DEKRA tested and CE compliant


A high-perfor­mance vane compres­sor can be inte­gra­ted for pre-clea­ning and air drying


Fresh water connec­tion in PREMIUM mode
Water consump­tion compa­rable to high pres­sure cleaner

Closed water circuit in ECO mode
Average water consump­tion of 3 liters per wash


Peak perfor­mance 0.6 kVA
up to 3.6 kVA
depen­ding on the equipment

Switch cabi­net
Dust and splash protec­tion IP54 accor­ding to VDE and CE standards


Clean & Dry Gun with touch control and timer function


Length x Width x Height

1100 x 1150 x 1200 mm
(without ramps)

3100 x 1150 x 1200 mm
(with ramps)


140 – 180 kg
(depen­ding on the equipment)


Span­nung­sver­sor­gung über Solars­trom
(Wech­sel­rich­ter, Lade­gerät  Lithium­bat­te­rien extern)

kontakt­loses Bezahl­sys­tem
(Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Master, Giro, EC)

Fernü­ber­wa­chung der Maschine

paten­tierte 1,2 kW SMART Ultra­schall-Reini­gung
für Reifen und Felgen mit Höhenverstellung

integrierter Hochleistungskompressor

Clean & Dry Gun

cycleWASH Go

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Please note that we only offer the cycleWASH Go, mini DUO and Pro models with a fee-based main­te­nance contract.