mini duo

Two-sided bicy­cle clean­ing in one pass.

Whether PRO or ECO, you have the choice!

mini duo PRO

  • High­est clean­ing perfor­mance
  • Fixed water connec­tion
  • Auto­matic deter­gent dosing

The cycleWASH mini duo PRO has a fixed fresh water connec­tion and is partic­u­larly suit­able for high loads with numer­ous succes­sive washes. The auto­matic (PLC) dosing of the clean­ing agent with the help of a Venturi system ensures a consis­tent clean­ing result. The water consump­tion is compa­ra­ble to that of a high-pres­sure cleaner.

mini duo ECO

  • Closed water cycle
  • Water cyclone & Filter system
  • Mini­mal water consump­tion

The cycleWASH mini duo ECO does not require a perma­nent water connec­tion, can be filled with a few buck­ets of water on site and refilled if neces­sary. The sludge and dirty water is constantly circu­lated by the impeller pump. The dirty water is filtered through a sepa­rat­ing cyclone and returned to the main tub. The sepa­rat­ing cyclone enables the sludge to be sepa­rated very easily and disposed of in an envi­ron­men­tally friendly manner. This version is partic­u­larly the right choice for frequent relo­ca­tions and events, since it is inde­pen­dent of the local water instal­la­tion.

Our new cycleWASH mini duo in all-plas­tic design is avail­able in a Pro and Eco version.

Unlike the prede­ces­sor cycleWASH mobile, your bike only needs to be pushed through the system once and is thor­oughly cleaned from both sides at the same time. The clean­ing process takes only 1 – 3 minutes.

The main clean­ing is carried out by means of two rotat­ing wash­ing brushes made of foam/PE Mylex fibers with pres­sure and pedal sensors,which are constantly wetted by adjustable nozzles during the wash­ing process.

Thanks to thelow-pres­sure system and extremely gentle EASYClick wash­ing brushes, the system is partic­u­larly suit­able for wash­ing high-qual­ity bicy­cles and e‑bikes. Damage to bear­ings or elec­tron­ics is almost impos­si­ble. The lubri­cant abra­sion on chain and circuit can be quickly compen­sated by a slight relu­bri­ca­tion with cycleWASH Ketten­Fett .

The cash­less payment option makes it possi­ble to oper­ate the system as a self-service station for use by the end customer.

Clean­ing process

The bike is pushed through the machine manu­ally. As a result, the dura­tion and inten­sity of the wash can be adapted to the degree of soil­ing and a high degree of clean­ing can be achieved.

All cycleWASH models offer:

cycleWASH mini duo PRO equip­ment

cycleWASH mini duo ECO equip­ment

Option­ally avail­able


All prices listed are exclu­sive of VAT.

Addi­tional equip­ment such as ultra­sonic clean­ing, cash­less payment system, water soft­en­ing and reverse osmo­sis system, dryer unit, etc. is avail­able at an addi­tional cost.

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Please note that we offer the cycleWASH mini-duo and duo models exclu­sively with a main­te­nance contract for which addi­tional costs arise.